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Minneapolis SEO-Digital Marketing Co. Shade Tree Web Pages today announced the official launch date of its upcoming Google Local 3 Pack As A Service product. Several businesses have already expressed excitement in Eden Prairie and have signed up to be included in the Google Local 3 Pack.

Shade Tree Web Pages has also released three features local businesses can expect from the Local 3 Pack Service.

1- The first thing a local business should expect is a big improvement in your visibility on Google when a potential customer is searching for a local service in your area. Shade Tree Web Pages has developed a proprietary method that guarantees your business is included in the 3 pack.

2- New Customers In Two Weeks – New Customers Fast. This product has been refined to deliver new customers and leads to business owners in a two weeks or less. Local 3 Pack As A Service combines seo mobile optimized web pages for each company, and placements on local and national media sites that show company information to thousands of visitors every day.

3- Finally, local businesses will be interested to know that a custom online video commercial is being included in the Google Local 3 Pack As A Service. In the past it has taken it typically 3-6 months to land a business in the local 3 pack, but we have developed a method for getting new customers within 2 weeks! Online video is a big part of that happening.

Jimmy Corder, Owner at Shade Tree Web Pages also wanted to add “We found a need for local businesses to gain new customers quickly while building a presence in the local 3 pack for the long term and this is why we added this product.”

For further information about Shade Tree Web Pages or the new Google Local 3 Pack As A Service can be found at:

Shade Tree Web Pages
17109 Duck Lake Trail
Eden Prairie, Mn 55346